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My New Samsung Galaxy A5 Review

I needed a new phone.

Before I start my Samsung Galaxy A5 review, I ought to point out that my initial intention was to purchase the iPhone 5. However, this model is no longer available in Dubai. I felt confused as I looked at other phones, not knowing where to begin. I had no idea where to start, or, what phone I should get. There was certainly no intention of purchasing a Samsung, A5 or otherwise.

The hunt was on.

Smart folks would have looked at smartphone reviews online first, and I should have too. I realised that when I was faced with the sheer enormity of figuring out which platform, brand and model to choose. I left the first shop feeling muddled, then, spotted the Samsung shop across the walkway and stopped in there. There were fewer people demanding attention from the floor assistants and one, seeing me perusing the models, came over to help. After a quick discussion, she brought out the Samsung Galaxy A5. Now, when it comes to phones, as long as I can access the Internet, download my apps, receive and make calls and send messages, I’m pretty much good to go.

My new partner.

So why am I in love with the Samsung Galaxy A5 and why did I decide to write this review? Well, the first thing I realised is that my model takes two SIM cards. This I will be able to test the functionality properly once I return to the UK at the beginning of March, so there might be an update on this blog in the upcoming weeks! Secondly, the rear camera is 13mp. My BlackBerry was about 2mp and the iPhone I think about 8mp, I was pretty impressed with this function. And I might add, so were my iPhone 5s friends when they saw my new toy a few hours later.


Samsung A5
My brand new Samsung Galaxy A5



My Samsung A5
The holster I purchased for the phone activates it as soon as it’s opened.


Samsung Galaxy A5 Functions

Any Samsung user will probably scoff upon reading what I have to say next, and tell me that this function has been in existence since they switched from whichever phone they previously used, to the Galaxy range, but the Multiscreen Tasking function on the phone is brilliant. It took me a few days to actually figure out how to work it though. On the A5, just press and hold the Back button (lower right side) and the tray opens allowing you to select the two apps you need open simultaneously. In the screenshot, I have used Youtube and WhatsApp to demonstrate.


MultiScreen view on the Samsung A5
My Samsung Galaxy A5 review on the MultiScreen Tasking mode.


The camera option appears to have far more functions than my iPhone did. There are several settings including Night and Selfie modes. Love taking selfies? There’s a setting to activate the camera (once it is opened) and basically hold up your palm to trigger the sensor, giving you a few seconds to pose for the picture. No more struggling to hold the phone with two hands whilst taking a snapshot of you and your friends!

Samsung A5 has 4 different picture taking modes.
There are four different picture taking modes. The rear-facing camera is 13 megapixels


My Samsung Galaxy A5 Review on the camera's panoramic mode.
My Samsung Galaxy A5 Review on the camera’s panoramic mode.






My Samsung Galaxy A5 Review on the camera's night mode.
My Samsung Galaxy A5 Review on the camera’s night mode.
























I’m discovering more every day and with each new finding, I’m falling more and more in love with this device. I think for bloggers, social media die-hards and probably most phone-lovers, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a brilliant phone. It is not that cheap (I spent about £250), but compared to a lot of other phones on the market it is not that expensive either. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best phones I have come across in a long, long time!


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