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Dream Catcher and Other Stories

I think I was about seven when I first realised that I enjoyed writing stories, and since then, in my spare time, that’s all I have ever done. As a teenager, I toyed with the idea of becoming a journalist, which, of course, never panned out. For reasons I will go into another time, I did not go to school for two years during my teens and lost the motivation to study because I fell so far behind academically.

Anyway, last year I flew back to Ghana for my best friend’s wedding and during the trip, I came across a 75-page story I had written in my early 20s. Now, I vaguely remember the synopsis, although admittedly I will have to re-read it and find out what the story is really about. A cursory glance at the manuscript has revealed dozens of grammatical and spelling mistakes. I remember spending a week at work during a low period, writing this ‘masterpiece’, and I think it was the first time I had ever completed a story from start to finish.

Writing Stories
The ring binder the printed version was in was rusting and affected the paper as you can see! Oh and spot the first spelling mistake.


Today, I was looking for a file on my computer and came across a folder entitled Stories. Intrigued, as I had forgotten all about this, I opened it and found at least 15 files of incomplete tales, including Dream Catcher. Other titles are The Butterfly Trade, Wasteland, and Narthbor. I honestly thought I had accidentally trashed the soft copy of The Dream Catcher years ago, so it was amazing to find it. I’m pretty excited to read through all the ideas I had more than 10 years ago. Some are Fantasy / Sci-Fi and the others are just plain old modern fiction.

Writing Stories; a manuscript
Just glancing at this, there are some names I need to change…


I have friends and family constantly after me to start writing again, but I find the prospect of all that work overwhelming. Besides, what am I supposed to do afterwards, start shopping for a publisher? I mean I’m not JK Rowling (I would love to be!). Neither are my ideas of the Game of Thrones calibre. Anyway, whatever I decide, I guess it should be interesting for me to re-read the documents and see what was going on in my head at the time.

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