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How I Cleared Three Spots with Lucas Papaw

I’m not one for using products with petroleum jelly to be honest. I really dislike Vaseline for instance – I always have even though it was a staple product in our house during the 80s. Also, there are enough debates to raise concerns in my mind about rubbing petroleum jelly onto my skin. But I do have to admit, I’m pretty amazed by Lucas Papaw Ointment. I first picked up the product during my trip to Australia in 2014 and whilst I do not use it every day, I have found it to be quite a handy purchase.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 15.23.51
Photo credit: Lucas Papaw website

Take the other day for instance. I realised that I was sporting three lovely zits on my chin on Tuesday morning. The thick whitehead type with pink bodies that no one can fail to miss. I tend to suffer from oily skin, so break outs are the norm for me, despite being told that adulthood would banish spots and clear up my skin. Actually, I had very few outbreaks during my teens so perhaps this this is just karma for having decent skin earlier on in life.

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The list of product ingredients can be found here.


Anyway, over the last few years I’ve resorted to trying every possible method I can think of to get rid of spots. Luckily moving back to the UK cleared up most of the problematic areas I had developed in Dubai. But I’ve swallowed zinc tablets by the dozen and spent hundreds of pounds on potions and lotions (ProActive being one) and nothing yielded great or even any results.

I was in Australia when I overheard my best friend telling one of her sisters about Lucas Papaw Ointment, and the product was about $7 so I thought why not pick up two myself? As I said, I don’t use it a lot, for one, you cannot find it in Dubai at all or the UK easily. The second reason of course being that it contains petrolum jelly as the base. Known colloquially as ‘magic cream’ by the Aussies, the ointment claims to contain fermented paw paw and can be used on anything from soothing sun blistered lips to tiresome rashes. I tend to use during the height of summer on my lips and when I have a cold sore.

After three days the zits I mentioned above were refusing to budge, despite what the facial wash I am using says. Remembering that I have two tubes of ‘Magic Cream’ in my wash bag, I thought I would dab a bit onto each spot. The substance is pretty much as thick as Vaseline, however, the scent is different. I can’t explain what this smells like, but for me it’s not obtrusive to my olfactory system. Within an hour I saw that each one had dried out pretty much completely, with the pinkish body beginning to fade out into my natural skin colour. During the course of last Thursday, I reapplied the ointment about four times. It has not completely faded out the zits, but they are very different to what I had prior to the application. The whiteheads dried out fast, that was my main issue. To be honest, I wish I had thought to take a before picture.


Product out of the tube.
Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 15.16.57
They were bright pink for days and two hours before this shot was taken.

You can read more about Lucas Papaw Ointment on their own website. They are impossible to find in the UK though. Amazon seems to be a good bet, although do be careful – the site appears to notify the public about imitation versions on the market.


  1. Magic cream is magic. If you bruise anywhere, put this on and the bruise really does go away and stops hurting. Why? Because paw paw is a softening agent. If you have an old chook to cook and you want to make it seem young cook it with paw paw and you have a delicious chicken! Soften the place you hurt and it clears up very quickly. We had this as kids, and I used it for our kids. Still always have some.

    1. It works a treat I have to admit Alison. Now, what recipes regarding paw paw and chicken do you have?

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