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My New Tea Obsession

I have to be honest, when I first heard about teapigs tea it was at the Ripe Market in Dubai 2014, and I was not impressed. Why? Because I wasn’t sold on the name (oh the power of branding!), I don’t think I was cool enough for them at the time to be honest. Fast forward 12 months later and I’m back in the UK searching through an organic shop with my sister when I stumble across them in the organic tea section. My sister makes a comment about their tea, I recall seeing the product in Dubai and suddenly I’m eager to try them out.

As Earl Grey is my favourite that’s the purchase I make a few days later. There are two versions; one with a gruff looking bulldog and the other a milder version, which features a poised looking dachshund. After a few minutes of confusion and basically singing ‘Eeny meeny miny mo’ (not the Clarkson version!) under my breath , I go for ‘grey with attitude’. I won’t lie, coughing up almost £4 for a box of 15 bags is more than I normally spend. Considering I drink a fair few cups daily (between 4 and 5) I like to get a bit more bang for my buck. But I really do want to try it, so I grit my teeth, part with the money and walk out of Tesco.

Only a few teabags left!
Only a few teabags left!

As far as Earl Grey tea goes it’s a nicer flavour than Twinings (my go to brand). Far nicer. Much more fragrant in taste. The bag looks more refined material wise too – less gauzy, more fine mesh, more transparent and in the shape of a pyramid, which I think is quite cute. Some of the leaves look almost violet. Is that the usual colour? I never knew that. I love tea but as you can tell I’m no connoisseur. It reminds me of the Giorgio Armani tea I once tried (one of my friends was a buyer in the UK for Armani and received freebies from time to time) about 10 years ago.

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My tea palate tends to be limited to Earl Grey. I really dislike fruity teas. I must admit though, I do tolerate chamomile quite well and enjoy a nice cup of mint tea from time to time. But I won’t go near lemon or blackcurrant. I think because they both remind me of Lemsip for the most part (ugh). However, since discovering teapigs I have added another flavour to my rather dismal list: chocolate flake tea. I sampled this a few weeks ago at a café in Barnes. I love chocolate, I love tea so I thought why not? I was worried the taste would be overwhelming like hot chocolate and make me feel ill. Not at all. Rather, it’s a very delicate, subtle flavour and works just as well with and without milk (I tried both and I dislike drinking tea without milk). I’m trying to find a box in Waitrose et al with so far no luck. I think I will have to order from their website and I may as well throw in boxes of chocolate & mint and popcorn – I’m dying to try those out too!

Do have a look at their online shop as there are a lot of nice gift ideas for tea fanatics (yes I’m hinting – wouldn’t you?). As I said earlier, their tea is pricier than most, so you might be interested in knowing that instead of purchasing an entire box on a whim, you can order a sample teabag for £1.30 (minus delivery), especially with the more non traditional flavours like liquorice.

Next on my list. Photo credit: www.teapigs.co.uk

I’m interested in knowing if you have ever heard of teapigs and if so, your favourite flavours. Which would you suggest I try? Drop me a line.

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