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Library of Fragrance – Review from a Perfume Lover

I really do love perfume, discovering new scents and adding new fragrances to my collection. My current favourites are as follows:

Mer & Mistral – L’Occitane

Cherry Blossom – L’Occitane

Daisy Dream – Marc Jacobs

Armani Code – Giorgio Armani

Acqua di Gioia– Giorgio Armani

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 19.09.19

And you can now add Salt Air by The Library of Fragrance. I only heard about the brand quite recently through my sister, NC. I think she stumbled across it on Pintrest (ahhh, the power of social media!). Following her to the fragrance aisle of Boots, I began sniffing the various scents and comparing my thoughts with hers. They do have pretty unique names and generally smell true to what their respective names suggest. Play-Doh, Pizza and Dirt are interesting names and I might indeed enjoy sinking my teeth into a tasty Pizza Express delivery, but I doubt very much that I’ll be spraying myself with a perfume that smells like one. However, the wide selection means that there probably is a scent for everyone. During my test, I realised very quickly that I was not a fan of Patchouli either. Very strong and a bit unbearable for me. Clean Skin and Baby Powder both smelled nice and if I’m being honest, quite similar to each other. Thunderstorm and Rain were also a hit, but both my sister and I agreed that Salt Air tops our list.

Clean-Skin-LOF-Hero.jpg_1024x1024 (1)



The Library of Fragrance is actually an American brand (I think over there they are better known as Demeter). On their website they state that they aim to create scents that surround us every day, and I can see why it would be successful. Salt Air makes me think of our garden in Accra after a downpour. Naturally, it’s not 100% a match, but yes it does make me think of Ghana. The other claim or selling point on their site is that you can layer their other scents to create your own signature fragrance. That was really what drew me in – I mean seriously, who wants to smell like everyone else when you can mix and match a selection and make something that is entirely unique to you? They give ideas and suggest what you could mix together, which is helpful to someone like me, who wouldn’t know where to start.

So what does Salt Air smell like? I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. Sweet and floral perhaps. I think there’s a hint of Frangipani (a flower that grows in my family’s garden back in Ghana) and there’s something else. It’s not a heavy scent, which is good because I prefer fresh over floral under normal circumstances anyway. And the great thing is that it has been five hours since I sprayed myself, and I can still smell the perfume. So it does have good staying power.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 19.08.55
One more shot as I love it so much!

Whilst the UK website does not offer as extensive a selection as the USA counterpart (I checked both), there are several fragrances to start with on this side of the pond. Looking at Demeter’s (USA) site, I’m interested in trying Earl Grey and Green Tea (I love the scent of tea) and I really hope they bring these over to the UK soon. Prices start from £10; although it’s worth comparing Boots and the brand website as Boots are doing an offer -two for £25 instead of £30, and, as I write this review, the official website has a sale on selected perfumes.

Have you tried The Library of Fragrance? Which scents do you like? What would you recommend that I try next? I was thinking either Cherry Blossom, Dark Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip!


  1. Thunderstorm smells like mud! Not in a bad way – they really managed to capture something very natural there! It reminds me of my childhood – making mudcakes with Metrova in her back garden.

    I would LOVE to smell their green tea or earl grey! I love green tea body products. Mmmmmmm.

    1. @NC to me it smelled like I guess Ozone – not mud per se, but it reminds me of the conversation we had recently about how different people relate to the same scent. Well MB is in the States, maybe we could ask her to send us those two products?

      1. Sounds like a plan!
        Yes, smells and colours are relative I think. I regularly have arguments over the colours:
        Purple & Blue
        Grey & Blue
        Green & Blue!
        Blue is such a trouble-maker.

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