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Watching the 2016 Cancer Research Boat Race in Hammersmith on Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! I do hope that you are all enjoying the last day of the holiday, savouring yummy Easter eggs and generally having a peaceful and blessed time. Not sure what everyone else got up to but I have had a lovely weekend. The weather was delicious on Good Friday; at least down my end in Chiswick and I went up to Richmond for a few hours to soak up the sunshine.

The view of Terrace Gardens down to the Thames in Richmond. Taken on my Samsung A5.

I spent Saturday with my older cousin, his girlfriend and their four-year-old daughter. The little one allowed me to take picture after picture of her with my camera (her parents are far more camera shy). I really feel that I am improving in that department, but I am looking at taking a few courses on the subject to enhance my skills. Then, on Easter Sunday, I spent the day with my cousin AMP (I have been seeing a lot of her recently) and friend D. Alves watching the Cancer Research Boat Race.

Yesterday’s boat race was the first race of its kind that I have ever seen. I actually had no idea what to expect. I wish I could say that the weather was clement but it was rather indecisive; spotty showers, dramatic clouds, bright sections of blue sky and sunshine. Spring, summer, autumn and winter all rolled into one with it drizzling one second and exceptionally warm and bright the next. AMP and I had tried reserving a table at one of the riverside pubs, The Old Ship W6, earlier in the week– an impossible feat as we later learned that all tables are moved out of pubs along the route to allow for more standing customers during the annual boat race. So there isn’t really anywhere to sit comfortably, and AMP and I are all about comfort. Plus, since neither of us had eaten breakfast and it was past 11am at this point, we were both famished. In the end, before the race started at 3.10pm, we made our way into Hammersmith, descending upon the Hammersmith Ram for lunch before making our way back to the river to take part in the action.

The Old Ship W6. Taken on my Samsung A5.

It was a very vibrant crowd of all ages, an elderly man leaned out of his flat window bellowing encouragement at the rowers. His vantage point worked to ours because he would signal those of us on the ground that the boats were coming. We managed to secure as decent a spot as we could several metres away from The Dove, another riverside pub along the Lower Mall Hammersmith. D. Alves and I whipped out our cameras like the amateur photographers we are, whilst my cousin pathetically began focusing her iPhone on the Thames. The race was literally an hour long with intervals of about 15 minutes between each race. The crowd in our stretch mostly cheered for Cambridge. We three had no idea who to cheer for, so we followed our crowd in their encouragement, whooping and hollering along in excitement.


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.03.06
D. Alves and AMP


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.31.59
And off they go!


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.31.18

By 4.30pm the last of the rowers were disappearing down the bend towards Barnes. The three of us had decided during the course of the afternoon to watch Batman v Superman, a decision that then played out like a comedy of errors. Our attempt to watch the original screening we booked was so problematic that we ended up asking for a refund and rebooking at Vue Shepherd’s Bush for a later show. Then, 30 minutes before that screening, we were locked in the car park, with no easy access out, or none that we could visibly see. The lifts did not seem to be working and the staircase locked. The only actual staircase that was unlocked was a fire escape that lead into the secure yard of the mini mall. In the end, we bumped into a restaurant worker taking out the rubbish and asked for her assistance. She kindly let us in through the kitchen and out into the front and onto the street. It was a bizarre moment, to say the least. Eventually though, despite all these issues and delays, the three of us managed to see the film. And that is how I spent my Easter. Hope you enjoy the rest of yours!


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.31.01

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