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Pure Fiji – A Product Review

I learned about Pure Fiji quite recently through Anita, a friend of mine. Her vivid descriptions about this organic beauty range inspired me to invite her onto my blog to write about them. I thought I might have to twist her arm a little (a bit hard as Anita’s in Australia), but she’s a great sport, and writer as it turns out. Another friend of mine recently stated that she only buys new products after either a) a friend’s recommendation or b) reading reviews online. I don’t blame her. I’m pretty much the same and after Anita’s intro, I’m really eager to try Pure Fiji myself. I went online to learn more about them, and after looking at their spas, I’m just a little bit jealous that Anita gets to call Fiji her home. I mean seriously, look how pretty those pictures look with the sea in the backdrop. Anyway, I’ll let Anita take it from here…

Photo credit: Pure Fiji

“My name is Anita Beg and I’m from the sunny isles of Oceania namely Fiji. I love travelling, eating exotic food and experiencing new places. I live in Queensland, Australia currently and am always on the lookout for beauty products which will improve my body, mind and well-being.

“When I was on my last visit home I seriously overdosed in retail therapy on my Pure Fiji products.”


Product Range

“The Pure Fiji beauty and product range is fantastic with the organic ingredients all native to Fiji. This includes the coconut oil, which forms the basis of many of its products as well as those found in the other infusions such as noni and dilo.

“When I was in Fiji I raided the local duty free department stores of Prouds and Tappoos to buy:

“Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion – Starfruit Infusion FJD $36.49 or GBP 25.44

Photo credit: Anita Beg

“Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion –  Passionflower Infusion FJD $36.49 or GBP 25.44 and Pure Fiji Island Candle – Island Votive: Pineapple FJD $15.17 (not shipped to the UK)

Photo credit: Anita Beg


“Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion –  Noni Infusion FJD $36.49 or GBP 25.44

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.18.33
Photo credit: Pure Fiji


“This is their latest and greatest product and this delightful infusion comes from the Noni tree, native to South East Asia and Polynesia.


Discovery Bag (Body Lotion, body butter, nourishing exotic coconut oil, soap) GBP 29.50.

Photo credit: Anita Beg

“I love using these products, which are superior hand lotions and creams that nourish and exfoliate my body without using chemicals and other additives. On top of supporting the country of my birth, these products are also natural. That is one of the big incentives for me as opposed to buying a hand cream in one of our big chain stores here that is made cheaply in China.

“And great news to anyone living in the UK; there’s an online portal that ships Pure Fiji products to you and calculates the cost in your currency.

“Also, if you happen to visit Fiji, I really do recommend that you take a trip to Suva where Pure Fiji is made. Each Saturday, there is a factory opening where all products are sold at a 20% discount. Just don’t blame me if you end up leaving with an armful of these luscious body treats!”


Featured image photo credit: Pure Fiji







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