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Time Out Gotham v Time Out Metropolis

My sister’s 12-year-old godson recently spent a few days in the UK. His trip, his first to England, included sightseeing around London, taking in Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace (that was a first for me too actually), and, because he’s a young boy, spending a lot of time at comic bookshops around the West End. Apparently in Cologne, there are no such stores, so he was in absolute heaven as far as I could tell, subjecting us to a stay that lasted well over an hour in the first shop, Orbital Comics. Whilst there, we, the adult members of our group, spotted this book.




Sponsored by Turkish Airlines, who apparently have added Gotham and Metropolis to their ever-expanding destination list, Time Out Gotham and Time Out Metropolis is in, I assume, collaboration with and stylised after the actual Time Out magazine and offers an insight into both cities, highlighting all the local hot spots. The best burger joints, museums, companies such as Wayne Enterprises and its subsidiaries – nothing has been left out! It looks about as comprehensive as it can be, considering neither city is real. It even shows the reader how to travel easily around each locality, prices to expect to incur and so forth. The guide is written by Daniel Wallace. We three, me, my sister and D.Alves, were amazed at the amount of detail given to the publication. It really looks authentic. In fact, you could place it on the same shelf as the real Time Out and probably fool a number of non-fans into believing that Gotham and Metropolis are real places. Additional tips include where and how to spot Superman (apparently Heroes Park is your best bet!) as well as a break down of annual events in and around both cities.

Whilst my sister’s godson entertained himself for over an hour, carefully going over and selecting from the extensive collection of classic comics, we marvelled (oh pun partially intended!) over this publication.




It’s worth noting that we also visited Forbidden Planet. I’m not a massive comic book expert, but Orbital have a far more impressive selection of collectibles and current volumes available. Forbidden Planet focuses more on modern comics and artwork, combining this with film and television memorabilia. It’s definitely a franchise – looks and feels it. Orbital exudes an independently owned, boutique vibe. If you ask my personal opinion, I feel Orbital Comics is more for collectors who know their stuff and it has a better range of old and new publications.

Anyway, this latest Time Out kept us entertained for a while, and I thought was definitely worth a mention. Probably make a great gift for a big fan of DC Comics. Oh by the way, the books are actually two-in-one and not two separate books, so you will be walking out of the shop with both cities in your bag.




Time Out Gotham and Time Out Metropolis is £7.99 at Orbital Comics, Piccadilly, London.

Photo credit (except the covers and Turkish Airlines artwork): NC MP


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