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Gold Bio Collagen Facial Mask Review

I look like a cross between the Oscar statuette and Iron Man, don’t I? This weird covering on my face is a gold face mask, the Gold Bio-Collagen Face Mask, that I picked up from Benetton on Chiswick High Road. When I was still living in Dubai, gold beauty treatments were heavily advertised in the 5-star hotels. So, when I saw a far cheaper version here in the UK, I thought I would give it a try. I originally purchased my mask for the sale price of £2 and later, when I returned to pick up a few more, the price had dropped to £1.50.

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This gold face mask has quickly become one of my favourite beauty staples. I’ve used it weekly for the last month and noticed that it helps with dry skin, something I battle with during the colder months. It comes in a sealed package and is soaked in a slightly perfumed liquid. I’m assuming that’s the collagen. I was a bit apprehensive about slapping it onto my face. I don’t usually react to products, but in the past, I have broken out into rashes with some unknown brands. Luckily, so far, I have had no issues.

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The mask is rubbery in texture and feels soothing on my skin. I wore it for the recommended 30 minutes, leaning back to pretend that I was in a 5-star spa somewhere in Fiji, Zanzibar, or some similar tropical island. The first time I wore the gold mask, my face felt a bit tingly. I also felt the liquid drip down my neck and back into my hair. However, with subsequent applications, I’ve had no irritation.

Each time I use a mask, my skin feels better, smoother even. Don’t expect miracles from this mask, such as fading out dark, undereye circles. The only visual difference is that my skin is less dry. The mask does leave me feeling refreshed and bright eyed, and, let’s face it when you feel good, it does affect your overall confidence. Amazon has a selection of gold face masks available, as well as gold undereye patches. If you are using the mask for the first time, I do recommend doing a skin patch test first.


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