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“Spring Fling” – A Night of Speed Dating at The Anthologist

I’ve been quiet I know; it’s been very busy for me the last couple of weeks. My first blog is late in the week I know, but I have a post to share written by my cousin, AP. A few weeks ago, she tried, rather unsuccessfully to rope me into a night of speed dating. Not that I’m against anyone who is looking to meet their significant other via online apps, classified ads or whatever the case may be, but I personally baulked at the idea of handing over money for the privilege of meeting random strangers. I’m stingy like that. However, AP, a cousin of ours and their friends were up for the challenge. So a few weeks ago, those stunners hit London in their most alluring outfits (ha! I know these girls, ‘alluring’ would mean very smart for them), specifically The Anthologist. After the experience, AP called me and had so much to share about the night, talking my ear off as I lay in bed that Sunday morning, that I asked her to write up a post on my blog, giving her thoughts on the whole process. She agreed (yay!) but because neither of us anticipated this post, she did not take any photos of the event (boo!). Anyway, below, is my little cousin’s review on her night of speed dating in London.


“Hi, AP here! So Nimi has kindly let me guest star in (read: gatecrash!) her blog to tell you about a singles night I recently attended. So here it is, my speed dating experience in London…

“The background: 6 of us girls (myself, our cousin SH and 4 of our girlfriends) were intrigued by a singles party taking place one Saturday evening. Billing itself a “Spring Fling”, the idea was to have 300 of London’s finest singles rounded up in a cocktail bar (The Anthologist) in the City.”


How the Speed Dating Sessions Worked

“Not only would there be speed dating sessions, but also a ‘Lock and Key’ concept. The guys were given keys and the girls were given padlocks. If a guy’s key unlocked a girl’s lock, it meant they were destined to be together! (Or at least, be entered into a raffle for a free bottle of champagne!) If the guy’s key didn’t unlock the girl’s lock, then it would give the couple either a chance to have a laugh and chat anyway or give you a polite excuse to walk away…
Of course, the main idea was for the locks and keys to act as icebreakers, rather than have people milling around, huddled together with their friends and awkwardly avoiding eye contact with the opposite sex (in other words, a typical night out in a London bar)!”

Speed Dating in London
Photo credit: The Anthologist


Our Night Begins

“So that rainy Saturday night, we rocked up to The Anthologist and, once we’d got a round of drinks in, signed up for a speed dating session.

“Personally, I have mixed feelings about speed dating. In theory, it’s great – you get 2 minutes with each date, meaning you get through 20 men (ahem) in less than an hour. And if you’re finding a “date” dull, then at least you know it’s over in 2 minutes! However, there’s only so many times you can recite your name, where you live, your job, and where you’re from before you start to sound and feel like a broken record…!

“Looking back, we met some right characters! There were a few guys who were friendly but none of us really sparked with them. But to give a few examples of the characters, we had Loud Ugandan Guy With Intimidating Stare, Loud Arab Guy Who Found Himself Hilarious, and Obese Awkward Filipino Guy. And as per usual at these dating events, it did seem the women in attendance were more of a catch than the guys were.

“We had more success back out on the main floor where guys and girls were effectively mingling. When I say success, I am defining success as meeting normal, decent guys who we had good conversations with! But alas, our Prince Charmings were not to be found.

“SH and I also bumped into someone who was probably the hottest guy there. When SH jokily asked if his key was big enough for her lock, he genuinely had no idea what we were talking about. At first, we thought he was kidding…but it turned out he just walked in off the street…! So whilst that experience was very amusing, it was ironic that a) We’d paid to get into an event that any Tom, Dick and Harry could walk into and b) the hottest guy there was not there to mingle with singles…!

“Around 10.30 we decided to head to another bar nearby, Sushi Samba. There, we got chatting to a very hot Irish rugby team who were touring the UK! This made me recall Nimi’s answer when I asked if she would consider attending the singles party with us. On hearing we had to pay $23 to get in, Nimi said, ‘I shouldn’t have to pay to meet men…I should be meeting them for free!’ And based on our experience of the singles night, I am very inclined to agree! Why pay for such events when we can go to bars and simply – shock horror – just go up to people and speak to them?!

Speed Dating in London
Photo credit: The Anthologist

“After Sushi Samba, we nipped to a cafe nearby to refuel on a midnight dinner before heading off to a salsa bar in Camden! And at this bar, our only intention was to have a fab time dancing the night away – which we did!
So overall, our Singles Night ended up being a fab night out with the girls! And I guess the moral of the story is – whether you meet the love of your life at a singles night (or whether you don’t!) just make the most of it! : )

“AP over and out! Back to you, Nimi!”

I’m out too. Big thanks to AP for giving me content to post this week. Has anyone else been speed dating in London? Or anywhere for that matter? Care to share your experiences with me? Would love to hear from you! x

Featured Image photo credit: The Anthologist website

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