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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It’s just around the corner, and you might be hard pressed for time and gift ideas for Father’s Day. Well, that’s if you’re anything like me. I always leave gift shopping for any occasion to the last minute, which usually stresses me out. Despite promising myself never to wait until the last minute, the vicious cycle continues, as I’m prone to procrastination.

Anyway, as my father is all the way in Ghana, he will make do with a customary call (sorry Dad!) this year. But, for those of you who have waited until the 11th hour, here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas to stimulate yours.


Mpow 3 in 1 Mobile Camera Lens Kit

My dad is a huge gadget fan and fancies himself as something of a photographer. If yours is anything like mine, then you might want to look at this nifty little camera lens set for mobile phones. I recently purchased the Yarrashop® 3 in 1, which by the way, I’m really chuffed about, so expect a blog on them soon. However, the Mpow seems to have a lot of good reviews online. Having additional mobile phone lenses is a great upgrade for any photography enthusiast, especially if they don’t want to carry a heavy camera around. Each lens is easy to attach, takes decent pictures, and, more importantly, at approximately £8 for the set, they won’t break the bank!

Mpow Mobile Phone Camera Lens. Photo credit: Windows Central.


VR Glasses

Ever since Christmas 2016, all I’ve seen online are family members showing off their VR glasses. The range out there is massive, from Google Cardboard, which you can get for free at conventions, to something like the HTC Vive kit, which will set you back about £800, but comes with a lot more than just a pair of VR glasses. Have a look at your budget, shop around, and surprise Dad this Father’s Day with his very own immersive experience into a whole other world!

Freefly VR Glasses. Photo credit: Argos



Like VR glasses, the price for drones ranges from the low-end of the spectrum to the far-reaching one. It’s like buying a car; do you want all the bells and whistles, or is dad likely to appreciate something a bit more simplistic? And what would he need or use a drone for? Mine would probably play around with aerial photography if I purchased one for him. Once you’ve answered those questions, you will find him a model he’ll love and enjoy for some time to come.

GoPro Karma Drone. Photo credit: Argos


Bonsai Tree

Is he’s green-fingered and enjoy pottering about in the garden or nursing plants? A bonsai tree kit might be right up his alley? When I looked at owning one myself –I shelved the idea because I’m terrible at keeping plants alive- I found Herons to be quite useful at determining the right tree for someone of my merger plant-raising talents.

So that’s my quick list of ideas for Father’s Day 2017. If you have any of your own that you would like to share with me, please do.






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