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My Three-Day Trip to Sweden

I love to travel, and yet, I don’t do it as often as I would like. Last year, I managed to get a few trips under my belt, including a three-day trip to Sweden in July. My travels took me to  Stockholm, and it was my first time in this beautiful city. Whilst my trip was work related, but I did manage to snatch a few sight-seeing moments.

My Accommodation

I stayed at the Hilton Stockholm Slussen, which is about 45 minutes by car (without traffic) I’m estimating, from Arlanda Airport. Traffic from that side of Stockholm to the airport seems to be heavy, so I would recommend taking the Arlanda Express to Central Station (£25 approx.) and from there, a taxi (another £25). Taxis in Stockholm take both card and cash, a far cry from London, so that’s handy. There’s no need to change any money when travelling to Sweden unless you really prefer having money in your wallet.


Swedish Weather and Long Summer Days

During my trip, I noticed that whilst it wasn’t as warm as London, the weather was decent enough for me to get away with wearing summer clothes with a cardigan/summer jacket on top. I was told by a colleague (now dear friend, hello Linda!) that the previous week it had been cold and wet and that I was so lucky that it was now warmer. Based on that statement, it might be prudent to pack a cardigan or two into your suitcase, just in case there’s a decline in the weather. The days are long in the summer, with lots of lots of daylight, and at night, there’s no real ‘darkness’ per se, just a gorgeous twilight with gradients of colour that range from the palest of pink to a royal blue.

The view from the Hilton Stockholm Slussen, taken on my Sony RX10 at 11pm, July 2016.


Out and About in Stockholm

The architecture of the city completely blew my mind. To my untrained eye, I would say somewhat Gothic or maybe Renaissance. I ought to check with an expert on that! The part of Stockholm I spent most of my time in has been built mostly for pedestrians, with cobbled streets that are pretty to see and fun to walk on in flat shoes. Avoid wearing heels!

My first point of call outside of the office was Mariatorget (The Maria Square). It was the first opportunity I had to whip out my camera and snap away at the glorious scenery.

The view from the park at Maria Square.


A lone summer bike at Maria Square.


Mariatorget (The Maria Square)

On my second evening in the city, I continued taking in the sights of Stockholm, roaming down alleys and streets as the sun fell away from the horizon. Eventually, we had dinner at a restaurant in Stortoget Square, literally next to the Nobel Prize Museum. Beautiful buildings surrounded us, which I captured on my camera.



Two nights is simply not enough to discover everything Stockholm has to offer. Trust me, I will be returning to Sweden, just not spending my time in an office.

NB: My first trip to Stockholm I flew SAS from Heathrow, and my second (an even shorter work one!) I flew Norwegian from Gatwick. Between the two airlines, I preferred Norwegian, mainly because they had free wi-fi on board the flight.


  1. It’s on my bucket list! But yeah I can imagine, 3 days couldn’t have been enough. Especially not when you travel for work and hardly find time to explore. It’d be an odd sight for me to not see actual darkness! Lol.

  2. Hi Medha, thanks for leaving a comment. You should go for sure, I know you’d love it, but during the summer, unless you can manage -15 degrees centigrade of course in the winter! Yes, it was surreal seeing that much daylight, It was darker in one direction, but the direction where the sky was that light, it stayed like that all night I believe. Apparently, the month before, it was much lighter still. It wasn’t broad daylight, sort of a twilight-ish glow.

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