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Rituals Bed and Body Mist, My New Favourite Treat

I recently discovered Rituals and promptly fell in love with two scents from the Rituals Bed and Body Mist range. Where have these been all my life? I’ve only had them a few weeks and I wear both A LOT! I can’t even choose which one I prefer. I walked into John Lewis to buy wool for a knitting project of mine, and, in a matter of minutes, I was totally converted to the brand by the lovely sales assistant, Chloe. I left the shop with more than I bargained for, and I’m not sure whether to thank or blame her quite frankly!

The Ritual of Dao and The Ritual of Karma body mists.


Rituals Cosmetics

I learned from Chloe that Rituals is Dutch company that takes its wellbeing inspiration from Asian cultures. The names of their lines certainly reflect that, conjuring up images of the Far and the Middle East: Spark of Hammam, The Ritual of Dao, The Ritual of Karma and so forth. If asked to describe them from a layman’s perspective I would say that they promote a holistic journey into well-being. And, I have to admit, I’m really buying into their pitch. They offer everything from clothes to household products like washing up liquid, as well as beauty products. They apparently use organic products and that their range is “as natural as it can possibly get”.

My Rituals Bed and Body Mist Reminds Me of Spa Day

The two lines that attracted me are The Ritual of Dao and The Ritual of Karma. I’ve already decided that the latter is my new summer signature scent. Both remind me of hours and days spent in spas. That peaceful feeling where I’m happy and relaxed…it’s amazing what a scent can do for you!

The Ritual of Dao

Dao has a brand message on the bottle states that reads “bringing peace and tranquility into your life”, and boy, do I need some of that right now! The scent of White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren gives in my opinion, a slightly earthy scent. It’s not overpowering and surprisingly, lasts longer than I thought it would – about three hours. I like the bottle, it’s simple, modern, and tinted green with a light gold cover. It’s small enough to fit into most bags, although it is a little long, so unlikely to go inside a micro bag. The bottle is 50ml so you should be able to get away with taking it in your hand luggage when travelling, provided of course that it fits into those plastic bags at security.

The Ritual of Dao Body Mist


The Ritual of Dao Body Mist


The Ritual of Karma

Karma is the fragrance in the light blue bottle with copper accents and it has a pretty light, fresh scent. My cousin AP liked it, declaring it has a ‘soapy scent’. I’m not sure that I would call it soapy per se. Originally, I did think that it reminded me of baby wipes, and I was a bit uncertain about it until I let the scent settle on my skin for a few minutes. It seems to have a slightly citrus scent (bergamot), which could account for both AP and I comparing it to soap, baby wipes and the like. Either way, I was sold after wearing it for a few minutes. Karma’s message, in a nutshell, comes from the ancient Hindu belief that when you do good, good comes your way, a sentiment expressed at the back of the bottle.


The Ritual of Karma Body Mist, by Rituals



Where to Spray Your Rituals Bed and Body Mist

You’ve probably figured out by the name that you can, at the very least, spray on your bedding and body. According to Chloe, the list also includes clothes and hair. I’ve tried all. Last night, I fell asleep on a pillow scented with Dao. All it took was me spritzing my pillowcase a few times. I have used it on my hair but I doubt I will do that again. I have really coarse, dry, mixed-race hair, so I’m fussy about what I put on it.

So, my verdict: I think Rituals Bed and Body Mists are terrific, they are affordable but not cheap (£16), and last a few hours. They don’t smell as synthetic as some of the other sprays and mists I’ve tried in the past and I certainly will be buying them again in the future.