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6 Great Gift Ideas for Travellers

As more and more of my friends and family are becoming intrepid explorers, I’m spending more time thinking about great gift ideas for travellers in general, especially when birthdays and holidays arise. I like to think of gifts that are both practical and fun, items that they will enjoy using and ones that are easy to pack and carry around. There are so many options out there that it was hard to narrow down my list to just a handful. But here it is – my top 6 Great Gift Ideas for Travellers

Longchamp Pliage Travel Bag – £70

Great Gift Ideas for Travellers
Longchamp Pliage Travel Bag

To be honest, I don’t have an order for my gifts, but, if I did, the Longchamp Pliage Bag would be number one. My sister introduced me to the brand two years ago, and I was immediately smitten with the nylon range. It’s a pretty nifty bag that folds up origami-style, into a small pouch that can be tucked away into most bags. It provides extra luggage for travellers who tend to return with more than they originally packed, plus, it’s a spacious weekend bag. A few months ago I bought the Le Pliage Travel Bag L in Navy blue and I love it!

YarraShop Mobile Phone Lens Kit – £8

Great Gift Ideas for Travellers
YarraShop Mobile Phone Lens Kit


I recently blogged about the Mpow Mobile Phone Lens Kit in my Father’s Day Gift Ideas post. However, it was this set, YarraShop that I actually purchased. I really think that these little lenses make the perfect gift for any avid photographer who doesn’t want the burden of carrying a big, heavy camera. They are easy to use, just screw the lens onto the clip, slide over your phone’s lens, and you’ll be able to enhance your mobile phone pictures instantly.


Canon EOS M10 – £299

Great Gift Ideas for Travellers
The Canon EOS M10 will set you back about £300

Speaking of photography, you could go a few steps further and treat your favourite traveller to this gift. I’ve had my eye on the Canon EOS M10 for a few months now. It’s light, easy to manage, not majorly expensive and produces pretty decent photos from what I saw when I tested it at Jessops. It’s a travel gift that’s on my wish list!

Projecto – $39.98

Gift Ideas for Travellers
Projecto fits into the palm of your hand

I came across this miniature projector online and thought what a great way to share all my vacation photos on Instagram with family and friends. It’s a little gimmicky yes, but it’s still made my wish list too. Pictures are reproduced onto a 35mm film and mailed to you. Anyone remember those View-Master toys? Well, the wheels of Projecto look similar to that, just smaller. You connect your Instagram account and pre-order the wheel with your selected pictures online. Wait to receive in the post, then, slide wheel into your mini projector, switch it on, point projector at a wall and hey presto, you can relive your fabulous vacation pictures with everyone, pretty much anywhere.

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Roll-On Perfume – £18.00

Gift Ideas for Travellers
Cherry Blossom roll on perfume by L’Occitane


Personally, I think this perfume is a fantastic gift for travellers. It’s small, lasts a while and smells so sweet and delicate. Roll it onto your wrist or anywhere else you fancy, then tuck it into your handbag. I love it. Mine goes with me on every trip. You could throw in the matching hand cream and soap and turn it into a mini gift set.

The Grayl – $59.50

Gift Ideas for Travellers
Grayl Portable Water Filter

This portable water filter would be a great gift for both my sister and her partner. They travel a lot, both only eat organic food and only drink bottled water. The website says you can fill up and filter water from various sources, including rivers. Whilst I doubt my sister would scoop water from a stream to drink, giving her the option to filter hotel tap water would probably brighten her day. It is a bit pricey, I won’t lie, and the recipient will have to buy the filters when necessary, but hey, if it prevents anyone from catching an avoidable virus when travelling abroad, then I’m all for it.

So that’s my list of gift ideas for the global traveller. Hope they are helpful!

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