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Anais Anais L’Original – Timeless Sophistication You Need to Try

When I think of Anais Anais L’Original, two people come to mind. My mother, whom I distinctly recall had the bottle amidst her vast perfume collection, and, my younger cousin AP, who has turned it into her signature scent. Truthfully, I have always considered the perfume to be more of a mature woman’s fragrance, which is now a bit worrying as I’m realising that I’m heading into that category! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised during a family trip to Barcelona last year when I smelled it on AP and decided I needed to try it myself. I liked it so much that I bought a bottle Superdrug, who at the time had it on sale.

Going back in time with Anais Anais L’Original

The design of the bottle looks pretty much the way I remember it, although there could be some slight modifications. It is after all the same age as me and my packaging has certainly changed over the years with age! My version, the EDT, doesn’t seem to have come with the milky-white top synonymous with the bottle, although it is possible that I have misplaced it in the last few months and just don’t remember receiving it.

Anais Anais L'Original Perfume
Anais Anais L’Original

Design, look and scent

The porcelain-white bottle with soft pink petals wouldn’t look out of place in a Parisian boudoir. It’s girly, but not ultra-feminine in design with a curved bottle and a glass-like top. Scent-wise, it’s rather floral. I generally stay away from flowery fragrances. I much prefer a fresh scent. Anais Anais starts off a little heavy at first and dissipates very quickly, leaving behind a rather innocent smelling fragrance.

I'm a newly converted fan of Anais Anais L'Original
I’m a newly converted fan of Anais Anais L’Original

Anais Anais L’Original works for me as the perfume is not overpowering. Surprisingly, it smells very gentle. I should point out then when I spray it, the initial scent that hits me the most is Jasmine, and normally I can’t STAND the scent of Jasmine. Not as a perfume and not the blossom, which blooms at night in our garden in Accra.

This subdued smell of Jasmine is filtered by the other notes in Anais Anais L’Original’s composition. I think I detect Lily of the Valley, and that’s a delight to my olfactory senses as it’s one of my favourite flowers. Sadly, I’m not a fragrance expert, so I can’t capture and identify the separate the notes that make up Anais Anais with my nose. All I can tell you is that the notes combined, produce a rather elegant, understated flowery fragrance. Overall, in a nutshell, Anais Anais L’Original, is classy, feminine, slightly sweet and not overly strong.

I’m not sure that I would go as far as making this perfume my signature scent the way my cousin has but, if I received it as a gift, I would definitely wear it (hint hint!).


NB: Anais Anais L’Original is by Cacharel, and they have several perfumes on their website. Only the original one is available in the UK as far as I can tell though.

Fragrance Notes (taken from Boots)
Top Notes: Orange Blossom
Heart Notes: Lily, Hyacinth, Carnation
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Incense

Featured image photo credit: Cacharel Parfums

Video credit: Cacharel Parfums


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