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Someone once coined the term ‘Ghabritarian’ and I think that aptly describes me – I’m part Ghanaian, British and Nigerian. Born in London, raised first in Maidenhead then Accra, I found myself following my heart and moving to Dubai. Subsequently, my heart was crushed, but not my spirit, and I stayed on in the UAE because I found it intriguing. I have absolutely no sense of direction generally, and I’m utterly useless at finding my way around any location, even with Google Maps on my phone! Seriously, I’m not someone you should ask directions from. Cockroaches paralyse me with fear, as do heights. I’m something of a daydreamer and, I’ve been told, a chatterbox. When not lost in the spellbinding worlds I create in my mind, or yakking your ear off, I’m busy working as a Copywriter and Content Writer, updating social media, blogs and newsletters for the travel company I work for, whilst trying to explore the planet at the same time.

I plan to share what goes on in my mind, my experiences living in various countries, my likes, dislikes and basically anything else I can think of. Hope you find this useful and enjoyable!

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